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The Morning Show with Jennie and Davis

Mar 30, 2021

This episode is about showing people how much you care by respecting their time. Whether you’re competing for a job position or just meeting your friends for dinner, how you manage your time says a lot about you!


Action Steps:

  1. Quit remembering everything! Use a calendar
  2. Time yourself to learn how long things take

Mar 23, 2021

This episode is about understanding that shortcuts have the ability to work out - but there’s no guarantee! If you expect shortcuts to carry you through life, you’ll probably be disappointed long term.


Action Steps:

  1. Schedule more time than you think you need to accomplish a task
  2. Ask yourself: “What am I...

Mar 16, 2021

This episode is about limiting how much research you do before you take a leap. A lot of times there’s no way to have 100% of the information on a decision you need to make...but you still need to make some sort of decision!


Action Steps:

  1. For practice at this, play chess. There’s absolutely no way you can improve...

Mar 9, 2021

This episode is about how patience is so much more than just “waiting”. Patience is more about controlling your emotional state during hardship than simply waiting out boredom.


Action Steps:

  1. Don’t judge your idea/process until you’ve given it plenty of reps/time.
  2. Expect roadblocks and schedule time for...

Mar 2, 2021

In this episode we talk with Justin and Lauren of Justin and Lauren Photography about getting rid of limiting beliefs that keep you from making decisions that move you forward in life. 


Action Steps:

  1. Work to become somebody who’s not afraid of playing it safe
  2. Consume content of the people you admire